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Fire Warden Training

Fire Warden-Marshal-Mandatory-Training

Fire Warden Training – Fire Marshall Training

In the case of a fire, emergency evacuation is essential. The designated people with the responsibility to help ensure your business premises are evacuated calmly and quickly are often known as (Fire Wardens or sometimes as Fire Marshall’s).  This fire warden training course is designed for the individuals tasked with that responsibility. This will give them the knowledge and skills to support an effective fire evacuation if necessary.

Some of the Fire Wardens roles:

As a fire warden you have a duty of care. These are on hearing the fire alarm, to assist in the evacuation of staff, students, contractors and visitors from the building immediately and to check that your designated area is clear.

As the Fire warden you will then report directly to the Fire Assembly Point Coordinator at the Assembly Point.

  • Make sure you are familiar with all escape routes and exits from your search area, including disabled refuges.
  • Encourage everyone to leave the building using all the available routes and exits.
  • Check all accessible rooms in your designated area (including restrooms, toilets and disabled refuges) on your way to an exit.
  • Close doors behind you.
  • Go to the Fire Assembly Point and report anyone left in the building, to the Assembly Point Coordinator.

Fire Warden Training Course objectives:

  • The importance and responsibilities of the Fire Warden role.
  • How to fulfill that role during routine evacuation exercises.
  • How to effectively manage their responsibility in the case of a real fire or emergency evacuation.

Course Overview:

  • Methods of fire extinction.
  • Characteristics of fire and smoke.
  • Fixed installations.
  • Human behaviour in an emergency fire situation.
  • Emergency incident priorities.
  • Familiarity and training of approved emergency fire routine.
  • Regular routine checks and tests.
  • Housekeeping essentials.
  • Information needs.
  • Training, use of fire fighting equipment, drills, exercises and tests.
  • Immediate and secondary emergency response actions.
  • Checks and control for compliance of workplace emergency evacuation.


Participants will be given the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher to appreciate its purpose and application in the case of an emergency
All delegates attending this Fire Warden Training course shall receive a certificate of attendance.