Groundling’s Theatre Instruct FFM

//Groundling’s Theatre Instruct FFM

Groundling’s Theatre Instruct FFM

Groundling's Theatre Instruct FFM - Groundlings Theatre

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The Groundling’s theatre instruct FFM to manage the Facilities within this beautiful old building. The site is stepped in history and holds a grade II listed building status.

Prior to FFM visiting the theatre, the Groundlings had various facility companies dealing with the different disciplines with no measurement criteria and no common standards. 

At the start of the relationship FFM carefully assessed the theatre and came up with an offering which meant they only had to deal with one company for all their facility management requirements. FFM can keep them up to date with compliance issues within the building, to enable the Groundlings theatre team to benefit from a proactive, responsive and personal service delivered by the team within FFM. 

When our clients commit to a multi-disciplined service it is beneficial on a dual basis.

  • The client saves cost for service as multi disciplined engineer can service multiple disciplines and improving performance.
  • From FFM’s point of view It reduces our carbon emissions and helps to save the planet we all live in, helping us towards achieving ISO 14001.
Groundling's Theatre Instruct FFM - Groundlings Theatre

Groundlings Theatre Front Entrance

The Groundlings wanted an in house Facility Manager, however obtaining a local external FM company makes practical and financial sense as this puts the liability with the chosen company First Facility Management, this enables the groundlings staff more time within the Theatre to concentrate on what they do best… putting on the shows!

Performances and show times vary depending on the time of the year.

With a reputation for providing robust, integrated and cost effective solutions, along with a pragmatic and proactive approach the FFM team look after several key facilities within this building, this is reassuring to the owner as extra care and attention to detail is required on a grade II listed building such as this.



Groundling's Theatre Instruct FFM - Bar/Reception Area

Bar/Reception Area

The bar area (featured above) can comfortably holds up to 70/80 people which also doubles up as the reception area on evenings when shows are being performed and can be used for wedding reception drinks area or main meals.


Groundling's Theatre Instruct FFM - Main Auditorium

Main Auditorium


The main house has charming tall Georgian windows and a high ceiling, there have been many a show taken place in the main house. This area can comfortably seat 160 people, the perfect function room for those larger parties, such as weddings or corporate events.





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