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FFM and Project Management work.

FFM’s team have carried out various forms of project management from a refurbishment projects on 4 & 5 star hotels with over 200 bedrooms, through to a pier, zoo and various school projects, along with other smaller projects within the commercial field of offices, industrial buildings, shops, business centers and community centers.

Hotel Refurbishment Which FFM's Team Project Managed

Hotel Refurbishment Which FFM’s Team Project Managed

Project management comes in all shapes and sizes, the most common project management method is called Prince II.

Prince II is a structured approach to project management released in 1996. This project management style provides a method for managing projects within a clearly defined framework.

Prince II focuses on the definition and delivery of the project in question. In particular their quality requirements. As such, it defines a successful project as being output driven rather than activity or task driven. This is carried out through creating an agreed scope of works which is to set out the defined and measurable outcomes of the project.

This then provides the basis for planning and control. This is how we design and supervise delivery of the end result. We then coordinate people and tasks to fit within the time line. We also look at products and therefore the scope of the project has to be adjusted if it does not develop as planned.

In the Prince II method, each process is specified with its key inputs and outputs with specific goals. These activities are to be carried out to deliver a project’s outcomes as defined by the Scope of works. This allows for continuous assessment and adjustment.

Prince II provides a common language for all participants in the project.

The governance framework of Prince II,  its roles and responsibilities, are fully described and require tailoring to suit the complexity of the project and skills of the organisation.