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First Facility Management

The one stop shop for all your facility management requirements.

About us FFM are all about customer care. The management team are made up of individuals that have built up various businesses in their life time. The main driving force behind this has meant they keep a very close eye and have an acute focus on the delivery of accurate quotes rather than estimates and a focal point on the deliverance of each and every project. FFM’s aim is to offer a one stop shop when it comes to all your facility management, the main areas are Fire, Security, Health & Safety, Pest Control, Electrical and Building Maintenance.

Each of these areas have several layers of facets within them for example.

Fire – Fire alarms and Fire Extinguishers.

Security – CCTV systems, intruder alarms and access control.

Health and Safety – Fire Risk Assessments, Display Screen Equipment (DSE), Fire Training, Warden/Marshal Fire Training, Fork Lift Training (reach & counterbalance), Manual Handling, First Aid Training, Noise and Vibration Risk Assessments, Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR).

Pest Control this is a growing market, with more high street fast food establishments popping up, the rodent population is booming as food is plentiful and those rodents are finding more places to reside.

If it is not rodents, its bird work. Here are some simple measures that will help keep the pigeon population minimised.

  • Make sure refuse is disposed of correctly as removing food sources and nesting places greatly reduces adult pigeons nesting.
  • Do not feed, and discourage neighbours from leaving out food for birds or other wildlife.
  • Block gaps in buildings which could be used as a perch or nest.
  • Cover balcony openings with netting-but ensure that other safety hazards have not been created. Make sure the netting does not allow children to climb the balcony more easily.

Bed bugs are becoming more popular and infestations are greatly increased in premises with poor ventilation or over crowded and unhygienic conditions although it can occur in well maintained premises as well.

Electrical – Emergency lighting, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and Hard Wire testing.